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Helping families make their own decisions during a divorce

Family law mediation helps couples and families make their own decisions and design their own solutions to issues such as divorce and child custody.
If the parties involved in a divorce can settle matters agreeably, mediation is the preferred method of divorce. During mediation, a mediator will meet with both parties, either jointly or individually, and work with them to explore options and negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to both parties. Attorneys James Hollingsworth and Albert Hawley are experienced family law mediators. They help divorcing couples maintain communication and create a civil relationship with each other that benefits them and any children involved.
There are a number of advantages to using mediation in divorce proceedings:
  • Mediation is much cheaper than a litigated divorce.
  • Mediation is much less stressful than litigation for all parties concerned.
  • Mediation can help you maintain a good relationship with your ex-spouse.
  • The mediation process moves much quicker than litigation.
  • Children benefit from the collaborative approach.
  • Maintaining civility helps make any future interactions easier to handle.
  • Many people feel more satisfied with mediation because they made decisions rather than having them handed down from a judge.
Mediation is a far better option than litigation for an uncontested divorce. Should your divorce be contested or problematic in some way, Hollingsworth & Hawley also offers litigation and court services for divorcing couples.