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Child Support

Child support needs to be supportive to the children yet financially fair to the parents

We work to bring about child support terms that benefit the children without bankrupting the parents.
At the law firm of Hollingsworth & Hawley, we understand that the proper care of a child requires shelter, schooling, food, clothing, and medical care. After a divorce, many children live with one parent and receive support from another. There may be questions as to how much child support is to be paid and how often. There may be problems with a parent who does not or cannot pay the established child support. A child may suffer needlessly due to misunderstanding or misconduct. We are experienced child support attorneys who will ensure that the financial needs of children are met and that child support is calculated fairly and accurately.
While these amounts are important (and should always be reported honestly), the top priority is the welfare of the child. Hollingsworth & Hawley never loses sight of this fact.
How is child support calculated? Child support in Georgia is determined by a formula based upon each respective parent's incomes and expenses and the number of minor children. A judge uses these amounts to determine the guideline for child support in any case:
  • Income of parents
  • Tax obligations
  • Earning capacity of both parents
  • Insurance expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Child care costs (including educational and healthcare)