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Child Custody

Child custody should help a child achieve a stable home after a divorce

Our attorneys have extensive experience with child custody and visitation and will help your family stay a family even after the divorce.
One of the most devastating aspects of divorce is the upheaval of a child's home. Suddenly, a child may need to move somewhere new, go to a new school, and lose contact with old friends, family members, and possibly a parent. Even worse, children may be caught between arguing parents, making them feel vulnerable and possibly responsible for the divorce.
At Hollingsworth & Hawley, we put children first, looking out for their safety, emotional health, and other aspects of their welfare. Attorneys Albert Hawley and James Hollingsworth are highly experienced with mediation of child custody issues and can help parents reach an acceptable resolution. While the State of Georgia encourages joint custody, we realize that it is not always possible. Nonetheless, we strive to allow both parents to participate in their offspring's upbringing.
Some child custody cases cannot be resolved through mediation. Should this happen, the legal team at Hollingsworth & Hawley is prepared to go to court. We bring years of experience handling and negotiating child custody cases, and ask that clients participate by taking steps to bring about a positive resolution to their custody case:
  • Become familiar with child custody laws.
  • Be prepared to provide records of issues that impact the custody agreement (for example, arrest records of a parent).
  • Provide all information requested by your lawyer.
  • Be prepared to provide documents that prove income and assets.
  • Behave appropriately during court proceedings.
  • Behave appropriately with the other parent.
  • Attend all pre-trial meetings and court hearings (and always be punctual).