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We have all the answers you seek regarding annulment and its effects

Seeking an annulment is a serious and sensitive matter and our attorneys have the info, answers, advice, and assistance you seek.
Annulment differs from divorce in that whereas divorce terminates a valid and legal marriage, annulment asserts that a marriage was never legal and thus does not now nor ever did exist. At Hollingsworth & Hawley, we understand the sensitivity and difficulty surrounding the request of an annulment. Such cases may involve children and thus child custody and support. They may also involve financial support of the other party or the division of property.
A marriage annulment may provide some benefits such as compliance with religious restrictions and the freedom to marry another individual, but a request for annulment must be examined closely. There are specific legal reasons why an annulment may be granted by the court and these grounds include:
  • Incest: Parties in a marriage are blood relatives (siblings, parents, offspring, cousins, nephews, nieces).
  • Bigamy: One spouse was legally married to another person when the subsequent marriage occurred.
  • Unsound mind: Either party in the marriage was of “unsound mind” or unable to understand the nature of marriage and the obligations that come with it.​
  • Underage: Either spouse was under the legal age when marriage took place.
  • Physical incapacity: Either one of the parties in a marriage is unable to physically consummate the marriage.
  • Force: Either party in a marriage consented to marriage as a result of force including threats of harm to them or family members.
  • Fraud: Either spouse marries as a result of deceit or for fraudulent reasons. Some examples include marrying to get a green card or marrying because it is believed you have fathered a child.
If you are considering an annulment, but are uncertain as to the validity of your marriage, please contact Hollingsworth & Hawley for a confidential consultation.