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Area of Services

Legal Representation from First Decision to Final Decree of a Divorce

From the decision to file through the final decree, our legal team guides you through the divorce process with professional yet personable help.

Helping Families Make Their Own Decisions During a Divorce

Family law mediation helps couples and families make their own decisions and design their own solutions to issues such as divorce and child custody.

We Have All the Answers You Seek Regarding Annulment and Its Effects

Seeking an annulment is a serious and sensitive matter and our attorneys have the info, answers, advice, and assistance you seek.

Child Custody Should Help a Child Achieve a Stable Home After a Divorce

Our attorneys have extensive experience with child custody and visitation and will help your family stay a family even after the divorce.

Child Support Needs to Be Supportive to the Children yet Financially Fair to the Parents

We work to bring about child support terms that benefit the children without bankrupting the parents.

Our Attorneys

Jennifer K. Thomas
Sarah S. Hannover
James P. Hollingsworth
Anna J. Hawley

Our Latest News

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?


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Mediation Over Litigation


Statistics show that children whose parents choose mediation over litigation during a divorce do better in school, have healthier relationships with their parents, and are less likely to experienced depression...

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Relocation and Child Custody


In the case of Bodne v. Bodne, 588 S.E.2d 728 (Ga. 2003), the Georgia Supreme Court declared that should a custodial parent plan to relocate out of state, the determining factor as to whether or not such...

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Let Hollingsworth & Hawley help you get through this difficult time with dignity.

Our Testimonials

I married at a very young age and wanted an annulment from my first marriage. Hollingsworth & Hawley walked me through the process, explained all my options and obligations, and never made me feel ashamed or stupid. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help with any family law matters.
- Richard O’Brien, 05/14/16
My ex-wife tried to move out of state with my daughter without telling me. Albert Hawley not only stopped her, but he helped me get more visitation time. He listened to me and fought for me in court. I would have missed seeing my baby graduate had it not been for Hollingsworth & Hawley.
- Steven Hostak, 07/03/16